Friday, March 24, 2017

3 methods massive statistics Can clear up Lagos’ traffic problems

Living in a mega metropolis like Lagos has its execs and cons. perhaps the maximum nagging of the cons is continual heavy visitors. For years, this has been a problem and it hasn’t ameliorated in any way. In reality, it seems to be getting worse. To make an 8am appointment, it would be wise so one can depart your home  hours earlier than the assembly. due to the fact, you notice, traffic can “jam” you any time.

In this newsletter, i've highlighted three approaches big records can ameliorate the continual traffic issues in Lagos. massive information refers to large quantities of digitized data. whenever we do some thing on-line, like send a tweet, a post or make a purchase, we're adding to this data circulate. it is said that we've got created more statistics in the last decade than mankind ever did inside the years before.

starting from the plain to the futuristic, here are three ways huge statistics (Google’s search database, Twitter site visitors reviews, fb site visitors posts, and many others.) may be used to clear up traffic problems in Lagos:

1. To repair Roads and observe Up improvement

With the big amount of records already on-line, the authorities can use this to locate inner city routes that have deteriorated and were abandoned. those roads, if constant, will offer greater alternatives for human beings to drive thru. This way, they may be releasing up the highways within the technique.

2. To determine satisfactory Routes to journey with the aid of

If the site visitors facts available online may be analyzed and incorporated into extra visitors apps or e-maps, then they can be used to intelligently decide the pleasant routes for cars to tour with the aid of. This facts analysis will think about the drift of site visitors on the road, the amount of motors using specific routes and the urgency with which the motive force wishes to transport. With the manner the net is speeding up, nothing is impossible.

3. To decide the great Time to transport

It’s no information in Lagos that the distinction between leaving your private home/office at 6:00am and leaving at 6:05am isn't continually 5 mins. you could go away at 6:00am, keep away from some of the heavy site visitors and arrive your vacation spot on time. but you may also depart at 6:05am and head immediately into a site visitors jam that took all of 30 seconds to accumulate. So the 5 minutes difference could come to be costing you 30 minutes or one hour greater on the street, relying on how lucky you're. however what if we didn’t need luck to decide our touring destiny? What if we may want to simply use predictive records to help us decide the great time to go away so we will arrive at our destination on time? Wouldn’t that be


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