Sunday, April 30, 2017

HP Pavilion 15t full Specs & Features

Hp Pavilion 15t has a 15.6 inch display. 15"-16" is the most popular display size range for laptops. They are great for performing, and provide more than enough space for work-related applications. The downside is that, at 15", you will start sacrificing portability for the larger screen, since laptops in this size range can be cumbersome to carry if you travel frequently.

About the Intel HD Graphics 4400

Note: The Intel HD Graphics 4400 has 0GB of memory because it is an integrated graphics card. This means that instead of having its own dedicated memory, it has to borrow from system memory instead.


Core i3 Processor Onboard
The Intel Core i3-4030U, which uses the codename, Haswell, is a laptop processor that was released in April 2014. While performance greatly depends on the tasks being run, here are the common considerations when researching CPUs:
Speed: At a clock speed of 1.90 GHz, it is 0.60 GHz slower than average for a laptop processor when compared to other laptop processors in the Core i3 series.
Cores: It is a dual-core processor, meaning that it can devote power to multiple applications, but will not perform as well as similar processors with more cores.
Cache: Its 3MB cache is about average sized for CPU caches in the Core i3 series.


Hp Pavilion 15t has 6 hours of battery life. This laptop has an average battery life and can go a good part of the day without having to be plugged in. However, with power-hungry applications such as video games or photo/video editing software, this time may be significantly reduced. Generally, manufacturers measure battery life under "typical" conditions such as office use or web browsing.

Decent Memory, Can Handle Much More
The Pavilion 15t has 6GB of memory (RAM), which is the minimum required to handle the workload of the average user using modern applications. If you find it slowing down when multiple windows are open, consider buying more RAM, as the memory is expandable up to 12GB. There may also be other models of this laptop that come with the full 12GB.

Decent Storage Capacity for a Hard Disk
Hp Pavilion 15t can store 750GB on a hard disk drive. Hard drives are inexpensive to produce and often have large capacities, but access data significantly slower than modern storage mediums. Even if your computer has an extremely fast processor and plenty of RAM, processes may still run slowly with a slow hard drive. As such these drives are being made obsolete by solid state drives (SSD).
Windows 8.1 takes up about 20 GB of space. After the operating system has been installed this drive can hold up to:
·         365000 HD Photos
·         146000 Standard Quality MP3s
·         183 HD Movies
·         49 Video Games


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