Sunday, May 21, 2017

New features added to Android 0 Device

Many news have been popping up about the new Android OS"the Android O", also it is expected to come with many features which includes fast booting time, long lasting battery life and many more. We having been hearing about Android O and up till now - no one can say what name Google has for it. Many people have given it their own names but the most popular name is OREO which was derived from a cookie.

However, it is said to be unveiled at the Google I/O 2017 and that also to be in two different categories which includes the FLUID EXPERIENCE and the VITALS. Thus, I'm going to take the both categories one after the other (explain in details) and I'll likes to start with the VITALS.

The Android O Vitals:
The below are the features embedded in the Android O Vitals section which are awesome. Anyways there's no much time left for me, so I have to go straight to the point without exhausting your time too.

Earlier, I talked about Google making Android O booting speed to be faster than that of the other OS. The boot time in Android O is said to be improved and more faster than the old OS version of Android. This time, it is said to be more faster in booting speed/time and also for individual apps in some cases such as Google sheets.

More security is said to be added by Google, over 55 billion apps are scanned everyday on every connected device to detect harmful apps. For more usability, Google is inventing check ups front and center with the Google play protect. This features has already been made available in the Google play store which helps you to manually scan apps from any malware.

KOTLIN has now been added by Google as an officially supported language for Android. Thus, there's no how I'll talk of KOTLIN when there are many people that doesn't know about it but I'll like to highlight a little bit of it. KOTLIN is a programming language which is now added to Java and C++, it is an open sourced project under Apache 2.0 license. However, you can download KOTLIN plugin and begin your developing right away in Android studio.

The Android O Fluid Experience:
In as much as the virtual section added to Android O, there are some magnificent new features to appear the fluid experience of the Android O and this includes the below.

In the history of Android OS, there has been no such feature embedded in them. My first instance of experiencing NOTIFICATION INDICATOR was on NOVA LAUNCHER which is a third party app (not system app) and also it indicates it's own using UNREAD COUNT. However in the new Android OS "the Android O" - there will be a NOTIFICATION INDICATOR in it which is said to come as A DOT on the top of any app you have notification in.
Secondly, the colour of the dot is said to be AUTOGENERATED which means that it works with the colour of the app and yes, to view the Notification - you can simply long press the app you noticed the Notification on.

Isn't this name "Picture in picture" a little bit confusing and funny? Anyways, that's the best name to describe this feature. This picture in picture feature allows you to keep YouTube video on which operating on another task in your phone at the same time, this function can be seen as MULTI-TASKING which comes as in-built feature in Android O since it's not made possible in other OS rather programming a third party app for it.

The new Android OS version is said to have a very powerful Autofill feature, this feature is not new to us because it was first invented and made available in one of the Google's application "the Chrome Browser" but it is said to come along with the new Android OS version.

Like I said in my previous post, Google has invented new techniques of making use of copy and paste feature. Copy and paste is seen to be the one of the most used features in any Android device but this time around, it came with smart paste selection feature. However, it uses Google's rich neural network to text and to use this feature in the Android O - simply Double tap the text you need to be highlighted.

Android O has been coming up with new features as the day passes by, the first Android O features was noticed on the Developers Preview and now more features are been added. The Android O if I were to say will not be launched as we expected, the date might be a little bit far because it is under development, more features to be added and also to test it so as to detect if there's any bug.


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