Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to make a come back

Before I progress, I’ll suggest you nullify that thought telling you that you saw the title wrong. Of a truth, Samsung plans to make Samsung Note 7 a comeback king. But this time, it won’t be called Samsung Note 7, instead, it’ll be coming back as Samsung Note FE. If you could remember vividly, Samsung Note 7 was very popular for the wrong reasons some time back. And what was that? It was its explosive nature. Now, you remember. You’ll wonder why Samsung would even think of re-packaging the device not to talk of making the device come back into the market. Well, hopefully, as the big brand wouldn’t want its image to receive more dents because of the device, the smartphone big boy will definitely make adjustments. The adjustment or better still the refurbishment Samsung will make to the popular device is expected to make the device more adorable. According to reports, the Samsung Note 7 won’t make a comeback with the same name, Samsung Note FE will be the new name in its stead. Now, you will wonder where the FE came from, considering Samsung’s Note series bear numerical names. The FE according to Samsung denotes “Fandom Edition”. Looking at the concept of the coinage of the name, you’ll acknowledge the nomenclature is thoughtful.
Even though the Samsung Note FE is targeted to gain more love from the Samsung lovers, you just have to imagine a possibility. Most of those that their Samsung Note 7 exploded, if not all, will never want to come across any device that has a link with the explosive Note 7 – although, the Samsung Note 7s as at that time were recalled by Samsung. In procession, reports also have it that Samsung will produce 30,000 units of the Samsung Note FE. The rejuvenated Samsung Note 7 which will be known as Samsung Note FE is expected to be launched in June. Specifications and price haven’t been released but since it’s a rebranding of the Samsung Note 7, the specifications are not expected to be of too much contrast to its “oldie”. However, there are ongoing rumors that the Samsung Note FE could be made available in Silver, White, Black and Blue coral colour variants.

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