Saturday, July 29, 2017

The social media overload- Ways to avoid stress

Author Bio: The author of this post is Jessica Mathews. She has done masters and is associated with writing for many years now working for help with assignment writing , sharing her knowledge and ideas on different blogs.

Social media overload causes stress, anxiety, insomnia and several hostile consequences. There are ways by which these can be avoided and a peaceful portion of time can be found.

When was the last time you were online? Honestly, I am still online. This can never change and we should not expect this to change. Social media overload causes stress and pose several unbalances in life. People in today’s world have two faces, the real one and the one online. People post fake things to get likes and comments on social media pages and are lying 24/7. There are certain ways by which stress caused by social media can be avoided and it’s good to take a break and be offline and take some time out and interact with the real world.

Filter the negativity, choose wisely

The social media feed is something that we scroll up and down all day long and keep getting mood swings. There are several people who are on the news feed just to add up to the negativity and they are of no good. There are people who are funny and they joke around but there are others who only cause discomfort; they need to be filtered as soon as possible. You can even choose if you want to get rid of them permanently or choose an intermediate way of hiding them from your wall. There are so many ways with which the stress can be avoided or minimized. 

Shut those Notifications off for good:

It’s time to stay away from the drama, at least for a while. Interrupting yourself from those annoying notifications when you are in a middle of something important is not a smart move at all. Turn off the notifications from your social media accounts and focus on the important things i.e. your life. You should be in total control of your life, controlling notifications will make you feel at ease. You will be shutting the notifications for good. Try it to believe it.

Step out – Communicate with Nature

The pressure and stress of social media causes health problems too. Don’t find answers from different social media gurus rather take a step out and communicate with nature. The cool breeze, the smiling sun and the dancing trees will heal you, giving a break from the hectic routine. You will return to the workplace with a fresh mind. Taking regular walks can make you forget the social media frenzy and ultimately save you from the haunting stress. This will also help you to understand that it is fine to put a full stop to the social media and you will not die of it. You will regain the lost immunity to tackle the social media effects. My life, my rules. 

Break time- Concentrate on important things

We have stressed ourselves. The social media fever id getting us by storm and we are letting it handle our minds. The key to be safe from this stress is to stay away. Try to engage as less as possible and find time to rest your mind. Taking regular breaks from the social media addiction will allow you to think and differentiate between the necessary and unnecessary things. Just take a break and enjoy the serenity of life. Disconnect from social media and connect with yourself. 

Author Bio: The author of this post is Jessica Mathews. She has done masters and is associated with writing for many years now working for help with assignment writing , sharing her knowledge and ideas on different blogs.


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