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30 Best Profitable Business Ideas for University Students

As a student, there are numerous needs that are meant to be met and most of these needs require finance hence the business ideas. Almost all students depend on parents, relatives, and friends for financial assistance, thereby traveling home and paying visits from time to time to their relatives in other to fill their pockets. This is very common among youths who do not consider being financially independent of their families. A good number of them who aren’t satisfied with what they get indulge in criminal and illegal activities just to make ends meet. There are so many opportunities in every school which require exploration. This is where I come in.
In this post, I will demonstrate diverse ways students, particularly Nigerian young people can survive freely in the university.
Below is a list of profitable business ideas which university students in Nigeria can venture into to meet ends needs:
1. Laundry Business: You could earn extra cash by washing and ironing for schoolmates and lecturers who find it difficult to do their own laundry and this you can do at a cheap rate. In this situation, you put a smile on their faces and extra cash in your pocket. The laundry business does not require much capital at first depending on what you have in your account and how big or small you want to kick off. You can start in your hostel or lodge, and deliver directly to your customers. Then with time, you save up for a laundry shop, washing machine, etc.
2. Barbing Salon: This is one of the most profitable businesses in school as every gent, and even some ladies visit the salon for a haircut at one time or another. This business might not be so easy to start up on your own financially. If your cash at hand cannot carry the responsibilities involved, you can meet with any salon owner and have an agreement with them, pay a stipend to them, and make your own money too until you can save up to establish your own.
3. Manicure/Pedicure Services: This does not require much finance at all. You only need a little knowledge about it. You can render home service or create awareness for people to patronize you. Note that most ladies do not joke with their manicure/pedicure.
4. Hair Plaiting/Fixing/Styling business: This is, in fact, one of the most profitable. You don’t even need capital to start up. Just own a comb, needle/thread, and scissors. Do you know how often girls change their hairstyles? If you have the skill, be assured that you can never run out of business. You can offer home services and I tell you, with time customers will start booking you.
5. Fashion Designing: You need to have the knowledge in this field, and of course finance for a sewing machine plus other little materials you need and you ready. Nowadays, the cost of making a simple gown ranges from #1500 to #2000. I hope we are thinking the same here. If you can make up to two to three clothes a day, do the math yourself and check out how much you’ll earn monthly.
6. Selling of Clothes: If you can’t make them, then trust me you can sell them. You only need to get some from the market and resell to students. I will advise you meet people already in the business for tips.
7. Tutorials: Of course everyone wants to learn. Several numbers of students need extra classes to catch up with the school curriculum and are willing to pay to gain this knowledge. All you need to do is study hard, burn your candles, tutor them and fatten your account. In a good way, you will end up solidifying your knowledge.
8. Sales of compiled past questions: Why not take your time to compile past questions, duplicate them in many copies and sell to students at a cheap rate. You can do it for different courses, also sell online if possible and make your cash. If you can add the answers to the questions, then that will earn you more customers. But please, ensure the answers are correct.
9. Blogging: Why not share ideas for people to read. Are there things you want other people to know? Then create a blog and they will get to know.
10. Bulk Messaging: Every organization use bulk messaging to pass information to their customers at once. You can set up a bulk SMS platform and create awareness. Once you are known, just get ready because you will have a whole lot messaging to do. It doesn’t really take much to set up your own bulk SMS portal. Imagine what profit you’ll be making by being the bulk SMS network provider of all course reps in your school.
11. Freelance Writing: You can become a freelance writer and work for companies online. There are lots of freelance writing jobs online.
12. Graphics Designing: Graphic designers are needed at a high rate now. Companies/web designers will need you to create logos/banners for them. From time to time, contracts for flyers, brochures, or even business cards fall in.
13. Pastries and cake making: Students are always celebrating. If you have the skills, why not use it to your benefit? Bake snacks and cakes for parties/occasions. Also, you can also bake and sell to retailers.
14. Photography: If you have the skill, just buy a camera and appear at ceremonies. You can also cover matriculation and convocations.
15. Typing, Printing, and Photocopy: Do you know that just with your laptop and a printer, you can start up a serious business? It’s a school environment; everyone is typing, printing, photocopying or even doing all. You can use this opportunity to make real money. The income flow here is continuously and daily.
16. Game House: Apart from studying, students need other activities to keep them going. Establishing game house will do the trick for you.
17. Recharge Card Business: You may decide to either go into printing and selling of recharge cards or you sell in units. Printing and selling are more beneficial, compared to selling in bits. All that is required is a little training on what to do and some capital to start.
18. Painting Services: Every academic session, students redecorate their rooms. Helping out with this can earn you extra cash before the session even begins.
19. Transport business: The transport business requires a vehicle. So it’s either you can afford one or you have one already. Two things are involved, either you have an agreement with a local to pay you stipends at intervals or you register your vehicle with the SUG in your school and they pay you in return.
20. Become A Jumia Agent: As a Jumia agent, all you need to do is advertise the company; help people place orders and purchase anything they want on Jumia. Once a purchase is made through your account, you get commissioned.
I can go on and on. There are a lot more but I will just highlight some of them.
• Opening a sports viewing center
• Outdoor catering center
• Selling of books and journal
• Art (sculptures, drawing, and painting)
• Local Dropshipping
• Kerosene Retail
• Writing Of Handouts And Resume
• DJ services
• Network Marketing
• Mini Importation Business
• Event Planning /Management.
I hope this article was helpful to you. Good luck as you venture into one but always remember to do your business in a way it doesn’t interfere with your studies. Don’t hesitate to drop more business ideas in the comment box below. Thanks.


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