Thursday, April 12, 2018

8 Simple Ways To Prevent Heart Attack

50% OF Nigerian Die Every Year Due To This Deadly Disease Called "HEART ATTACK" This Disease Is So Deadly To The Extent That It After Both Old And Young People....
How Can We Get Rid Of This Deadly Disease??? Many Doctors Or Chemists Have Try All There Best To Stop This Disease But All Are In Vain, But Am Here To List How To Prevent Heart Attack So That You Will Have Not The Deadly Disease Also...
1) Always Know You Are Responsible For Your Health.
2) Know Your Do And Don't.
3) Don't Smoke Or Stay Where They Are Smoking.
4) Maintain A Healthy Blood Pressure.
5) Always Monitor Your Cholestrol.
6) Make Execise Daily Habit.
7) Use Your Pills Wisely And Not OverDose.
8) Reduce Stress.
If You Follow All This Wisely I Can Gurantee You 100% Healthy
Lastly Always Pray To God Because He Is The Great Doctor.....


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