Thursday, April 12, 2018

How To Start A Local Restaurant Business In Nigeria

today. A good local restaurant like the one
I am about to explain make about N20,000
daily as pure profit. Multiply that by 30 and
you will get N600,000.
Restaurant business is one business that
has been creating millionaires in Nigeria
for decades. They will always be the need
for places to eat out. You can take
advantage of this opportunity and start
your own restaurant business in Nigeria
Now, let’s get down to the business of the
day – One business that strikes my
attention really good today is Small scale
Restaurant Business. I find so much
interest in the restaurant business because
it’s a sure money maker, anyone who
wants to make quick money shouldn’t look
elsewhere. The sky is your limit in this
business provided you take your
restaurant business serious and treat your
customers well with good food.
Small Scale Restaurant is very easy to start
and low capital intensive.
Being one of the
few businesses that is not affected by any
economic meltdown – People must eat no
matter how poor they are, no matter the
situation they are, even if unemployed.
Anyone can eat even if it is with the last
penny he or she can afford, that’s what
make restaurant business very lucrative. I
think serious investors should give it a
serious look.
With less than N300,000 you can start a
nice local restaurant and with good food,
good business practice, and proper
customer care – you will be making above
N500,000 monthly! So, what are you
waiting for?
This To Put In Place For Your
Restaurant Business
To start your own restaurant business,
there are certain things you need to
consider and put in place. To ensure you
are on the right track, and as a lover of
good restaurant myself, I will be explaining
some of the things you need to put in
place to get you started smooth and easily.
1. Good Space For Your
Everyone likes to enjoy his food in a
spacious laid back environment. Make sure
you get a place as nice as possible you can
afford – In fact, your major investment
should go into this. If it’s going be a shop,
let it be the one with extended frontage so
that you can build canopy to afford your
customers more seating space.
The cost of rent depends on the
environment but I think you can get a nice
place with N100,000. Go for the best you
can afford any area where there is enough
movement of people.
2. Furnish Your Restaurant
When it comes to restaurant, look is
everything to me and I think it apply to
most people out there too. I can hardly eat
in a place that doesn’t look nice and so do
many; make sure your restaurant is well
furnished to taste. The quality of your food
and the type of cook you are can be
perceive through your restaurant furniture.
The furniture may take about N150,000
depending on what you go for and your
bargaining power. You can get a local
carpenter who (with proper supervision)
will do very good furniture at lower cost
for you. I wouldn’t recommend plastic
chairs and tables, it makes your restaurant
look unorganized, cheap, and untidy. But if
that’s what you can afford, then you go for
3. Restaurant Utensils and
N50,000 will be able to take care of these,
don’t buy something childish like plastic
plates. Many people (including me) will
reject the food no matter how good it
looks if you serve it in plastic plates and
spoon. Apart from the fact that they look
cheap and childish, the tendency of dirt
hiding somewhere and the plate being
discolored is high.
Ceramic and Breakables are the preferred
type you should go for and they are not
very expensive. Feeding is a very sensitive
thing and a lot of people don’t take what
goes into their stomach lightly, it’s not just
about filling the stomach, it’s about
satisfaction, health, and enjoyment. While
you make effort to prepare good foods for
your customers, make sure you don’t
ridicule your effort with cheap plates
because, food look and taste better when
served in a better plate.
4. Employ Good Cook
People will fall in love with your food if
they are well cooked and taste great, make
sure the Cook you intend to employ knows
how to cook different types of meal very
well. If you wants to do the cooking
yourself, don’t just do it because you want
to work hard and minimize expenses, do it
because you can cook very well. I wouldn’t
waste my money twice in a bad
Once you have these things I’ve mentioned
in place, you’re good to go with your
business and start making money like
never before. Good luck as you make effort
to start your dream business this year


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