Sunday, September 2, 2018

How To Know That Your Closeness To God Has Dropped Due To Social Media

Social media has taken a lot of people's attention away from the things of God. People now glue their faces to screens doing irrelevant things while their spiritual self dies gradually. Below is a yardstick to know if social media has not reduced your closeness to God.

1. You remember to check your email for messages every morning but never check the Bible for messages from God.
2. You check Facebook everyday to see what your friends posted but you forget to check what Christ your friend posted in the Bible.
3. You know the model of different phones but you don't know more than one bible version.
4. You are always quick to share social media posts, but you runaway when it comes to sharing the gospel.
5. When you read a Bible verse that condemns fornication, you don't Like it. But when a girl shares semi-nude picture of her self on Facebook, you Like it quickly. Bad guy!
6. If the church elders should check your social media accounts, they are likely going to find immoral pictures and posts of you boasting which are all against the Bible.
7. You never leave the house without your phone, but your Bible is always in a dusty place.
8. It takes you 2 secs to approach a lady. But when it comes to opening the Bible book of Hebrews, you spend 2 minutes.
9. You follow every celebrity on social media and imitate their silly lifestyle instead of following the ways of prophets Daniel, Jeremiah, Job, Zechariah and even Yahshua the Messiah.
10. You Like your friend's pictures on Facebook but hate him in real life.
11. Your Followers are not following you to Christ but to destruction because of the shameful things you post.
12. You find it difficult to invite friends to church but you are always happy to invite people to Ponzi Schemes.
13. You feel too shy to give testimony in church but your testimonies are all over Ponzi Scheme websites.


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